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Why do I need Edging for my Driveway?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Main Reasons to Install Driveway Edging

Driveway Edging Installation in Bordon Hampshire

Have you ever wondered what makes some houses look like they'd be featured in a home and landscape magazine? They do not have to be massive estates, but unique details tend to upgrade their attractiveness. Although house rendering and soft landscaping are great ways to increase your home's facade, there are other options for you to consider: Driveway and its edging - the first introduction to property that makes a notable first impression (good or bad).

In this blog:

1. What is Driveway Edging

2. Six Reasons to install Driveway Edgings

3. Summary

What is Driveway Edging?

As indicated by the name, edging along your Driveway's sides is called Driveway Edging. It is available for all types of driveways with any surface material: gravel, asphalt, paving blocks, resin bound, etc. Depending on the structure, individual taste, optimum layout and landscape, there are several choices for edging your Driveway.

You can choose from bricks, stone pavers, concrete, timber, plastic, rubber or metal edging. The options available are truly endless. These can be set up in one, two, three, or even four rows, all subject to your preferences and requirements of your Driveway. Depending on the chosen pattern and design, you can make any Driveway look magnificent.

Why should I have Driveway Edging Installed?

The majority of driveways have at least one or two exposed edges. They include the edge approaching the road when you drive over it and the edge near the front of your home. The remaining driveway sides usually have natural borders that can include: walls, the side of your home, or existing pathways with their edges. It is essential to protect all the exposed edges, and there are many reasons for this.


The primary function of Driveway edging is to provide a strong restraint for the structure of a driveway, which will prevent the spreading and loss of its load-bearing capabilities.


One of the most vulnerable parts of a driveway is the edge. The edges are prone to crumble when driven over or weaken due to water erosion. Edging protects your Driveway, reducing the need for repairs. Choosing the most appropriate edging material is essential to ensure long-lasting protection for your investment.

Property Value

Estate agents often suggest that homeowners make improvements that can increase the value of their property before they decide to put it on the market. If you're planning to sell your home in the near future, consider adding edging when revamping your existing Driveway. It will surely add a premium look to the entrance of your property.


Depending on your driveway type, installing edging will help it stay in place. For example, if the surface of your Driveway is covered with prone to dispersing all over the lawn gravel, raised edging will keep them from separating. Paving slabs can separate after some time, but border edges can prevent this issue.

Lawn Protection

If a vehicle drives on the grass or flowers close to your Driveway, it will get damaged. Driveway Edging is an excellent way to eliminate the possibility of running over lawns and plants surrounding your Driveway.


A clear driveway border creates a visual boundary between the Driveway and the surrounding lawn or garden beds. It prevents weeds and grass from growing into your Driveway, giving the area a neater appearance, definition and shape and making the space more enjoyable to look at.


Why do I need Edging for my Driveway? The Key Takeaways

A driveway is one of the first things people see when they visit your home. It's essential to make sure it's well-maintained and looks its best. One way to do this is to install edging. As we have explained above, edging provides restraint to the Driveway and helps it withstand lateral pressure.

It creates a clean, defined look and can also help to keep gravel and other surface materials from spilling onto the lawn. In addition, edging can help to prevent weeds from growing in the Driveway.

Do you need help with your Driveway Edging?

If you need a paving specialist in Bordon, Hampshire, you are in the right place to build a new or edge your existing Driveway! Here at Yew Tree Landscapes, we will be happy to give you a hand with your driveway projects. Get in touch today to request your free, no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling.


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