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Patio & Driveway Cleaning Services

Rejuvenate your Patio and Driveway with our professional
Pressure Washing Services 

Moss and grime taking over the front of your property? Has your Driveway or Patio seen better days?

Hard surfaces are always exposed to various weather conditions, therefore, demand regular maintenance to keep their durability and fresh look. 

Even the most beautiful driveway or patio can look unkempt and grubby if covered in moss, algae, lichen
and grime. Yew Tree Landscapes are willing and able to take on the task! We understand that your driveway and patio go through a lot in just one year. We are here to help.

Our mission is to provide the most amazing results when it comes to cleaning and restoring your driveway or patio. Our pressure washing services will bring your garden patio or driveway to its former glory.


We are able to deep clean many types of hard surfaces including block paving, natural stone, tarmac or even decking. 

Call our driveway and patio cleaning team on 07553402009

Why Choose Yew Tree Landscapes Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide very professional and courteous services, at competitive prices.

Every pressure washing project we undertake is always carried out to the highest standards, as we simply endeavour to provide services you can rely on. We genuinely care about the work we do.




Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

Call our driveway and patio cleaning team on 07553402009

Our Driveway & Patio Cleaning Services

We specialise in the professional pressure cleaning of most exterior surfaces in both the domestic and commercial market. 

Block Paving

Natural Stone






High Powered Equipment

Professional pressure washing machinery combined with years of knowledge blast away filth, grime and slime from your driveway and patio, returning it to its clean appearance. High specification pressure washing machine which we use along with a high-performance rotary surface cleaner, provide approximately six times more cleaning power than a standard domestic pressure washer.

Our powerful system easily removes the moss, algae, mud, dirt as well as any weeds, lichen, weeds and oil stains etc.

Once we have professionally pressure cleaned your patio or driveway by Yew Tree Landscapes, it’s worthwhile considering having the cleaned area treated with an appropriate sealant. This will guarantee that you get the most extended life possible out of your driveway or patio and inhibit the re-growth of algae and lichen.

Our Process

Yew Tree Landscape's operations consist of standardized processes that must be completed during each service we provide to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to pressure washing cleaning services we always follow the same procedure, as below:

Free consultation and assessment

Free, no-obligation quotation

Applying a weed killer  (usually a week before the service to kill the weeds and moss)

Sweeping to remove any debris such as stones, old cement and general loose dirt

Removing oil stains where required

Removing weed and moss 

Minor repair work (if necessary)

Applying an environmentally friendly cleaner

Pressure washing, deep cleaning and rinsing down

Applying a suitable sealant (optional)

Call our driveway and patio cleaning team on 07553402009

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