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Why are Indian Stone Paving Slabs Popular for Patios?

Here are the main reasons why Indian Stone Paving Slabs are a popular choice for patios with homeowners across Hampshire and Surrey.

Indian Stone Paving Slabs are very trendy in the UK market. Indeed, these look unbeatably attractive in our outdoor spaces. But is that all? If you wonder why people choose Indian Stone Paving Slabs for their Patio Projects in Hampshire and Surrey, here are the top reasons. What are Indian Stone Paving Slabs? As the name suggests, Indian Stone Paving is imported from India ­a country renowned for its beautiful, naturally veined stone. Almost 90% of sandstone reserves are deposited in the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan regions of India. Before we see the beautiful finished Indian Paving Slabs installed in our outdoor sitting areas, driveways and neat pathways, Indian sandstone needs to be excavated from a quarry, then go through the manufacturing process. Why Use Natural Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs for Patio? Indian Stone Paving Slabs come with a range of benefits. We have decided to list five of them. This could help you understand why homeowners across Hampshire and Surrey are keen on using them for patios.

1. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are unique. No matter what colour, size, or texture you opt for, Indian Stone Paving Slabs always add a stylish and unique yet versatile and rustic look to any patio. These slabs come in a broad spectrum of colours such as beige, black, grey, cream, brown, dark brown, green, red, white, yellow and pink, so they can easily blend in with your particular garden settings. Different varieties of textures you can choose from allow you to achieve the effect that stands out from the crowd. 2. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are replaceable. Installation of Indian Stone Paving Slabs is done using individuals pieces or tiles. If there is a need, these can be relatively easily removed and replaced. It is always a good idea to save some tiles from the original batch used for installation. By doing so, you can rest assured that if there is a need to replace a slab or two, you will be able to achieve a perfect match after the repair. 3. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are weather resistant. Indian stone paving slabs can withstand adverse weather conditions. They are cold and heat resistant and do not get affected by the harsh weather conditions caused by extreme cold or intense heat. Meaning that your patio slabs will stay looking their best all year round, with minimum upkeep needed. It is safe to say that Indian Stone Paving Slabs are like a good wine­ they look better as they age. 4. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are durable. Although sandstone is a soft stone (according to the Mohs Hardness Scale, sandstone is rated as having a hardness between 6 and 7. ), it's also highly durable. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are sedimentary rock composed of a unique mix of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals that make it hardwearing material. This is why Indian Stone Paving Slabs are much more durable and resistant to impact than other paving alternatives. They serve as the best choice for areas subject to high levels of traffic. 5. Indian Stone Paving Slabs are Low Maintenance. Another benefit of Indian Stone Paving Slabs worth mentioning is that they are low maintenance. Cleaning Indian Stone Paving Slabs is relatively straightforward and does not require much effort. To get rid of everyday grime, a simple wash­down with soapy water does the job. To tackle more stubborn stains, moss and algae, a diluted bleach formula often helps. Please note that if you are not sure how to determine the best product for cleaning Indian Stone Paving Slabs it is always a good idea to determine what's causing the dirt or discolouration and the seriousness of the spread, before creating a plan of action. That can be best achieved by hiring a professional landscaping company like Yew Tree Landscapes, that can make your Indian Paving Stone Paving Slabs spotless. To read more, please click here. Hopefully, the advantages of Indian Stone Paving Slabs explained above have given you some insights why these are so often chosen by homeowners in Hampshire and Surrey. If you would like a dedicated and experienced team to work on your Indian Paving Stone Slabs for your Patio across Hampshire and Surrey areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.



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