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Top tips on how to protect your fence during the winter.

Do not let winter ruin your fence.

Fence acts as the main feature to a garden, marks the boundaries and helps plants to stand out whilst keeping a garden private. During the cold months, a fence can act as a barrier to the freezing winds from entering your house.

If you are a fan of Christmas, enjoy parties, sledging and hot chocolate you definitely look forward to the winter. The time of the year while we limit our time spent outside and fencing is something that can be easily forgotten. Unfortunately, winter weather involves harsh conditions such as too much moisture and snowy weather which can end up making the fences weak. When snow is forecast, the rain and wind are expected to be more prevalent it is important to make sure your fence is prepared.

Many fencing suppliers have designed their panels to be high-quality, contemporary and robust. Fencing can be of different styles from different materials. No matter which wood a fence is made from, it should be protected from severe weather conditions. The last thing we want is our fencing rotting or cracking throughout the winter without our knowledge, leaving us with costly repairs.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to protect our fences from winter weather so that we can enjoy them all year long. Some time spent preparing your fence for snow will save you even more time and money.

In this article, we’re looking at 5 simple ways to help protect your wooden fence over the winter:

Repair existing damage

An increasing weight of snow and ice building up on top of a fence put pressure on the whole structure. Weak fence posts get weaker, making fence less secure. Any existing damage makes fence panels vulnerable to further, irreparable damage.

Regularly check the fence for any damage. Replace or repair any broken panels as soon as possible. This regular maintenance will prevent any damage from spreading further throughout your fence and causing the whole fence to weaken.

Clean between fence posts

It is common for leaves and twigs to get stuck between fence posts during the autumn and winter months. Debris may not seem like a big deal but can block water from trickling down the fencing. The buildup of moisture on your fence may cause that section to get weak over time. Simply wipe that debris away to save money in fence repairs later on. Dead leaves can be used to create compost :)

Pay Attention to Shifting Soil

Changes in temperature throughout the winter can shift the soil and displace fence posts. It is important that fence posts are deep enough, at least three feet under the ground, so they are past the frost line. If you notice that winter weather has affected the ground holding your fence, get in touch with Yew Tree Landscapes for repairs as necessary.

Trim Branches Around a Fence

Keep an eye on the tree branches throughout the winter months. When the strong wind or heavy snow arrives, branches could potentially fall and damage your fence. Trimming the branches surrounding a fence ensures that no damage is caused by breaking limbs that have become heavy with ice and snow. It also stops transferring the moisture from vegetation to a wooden fence.

Clear Snow from a Fence Line

As snow easily builds up around the base of a fence, it creates a block of moisture that can damage the base of the wooden posts. Make sure you direct snow piles away from your fence while clearing your driveway. By doing so, you will keep the moisture off the posts and give the snow a better chance to melt. Built-up snow on the top of the posts needs to be regularly wiped off.

When the winter officially disappears and the sun shines all day long, make sure to apply a protective finish on your fence at least once a year. A simple coat of paint will definitely add further protection and improve your fence’s aesthetic appeal.

By keeping up on these basic maintenance practices, winter damage to your fence can be minimized and further problems in the spring can be prevented. These straightforward tips will help to keep your wooden fence in tip-top shape for many years.

If the weather has already damaged your fence and you are thinking of a new fence do not wait any longer. We offer a range of styles when it comes to fencing. Give Yew Tree Landscapes a call and speak to a member of our team so we can prepare a free no-obligation quote to suit your needs. Contact us on 01420 489818 / 07553402009 or click here to send us a message.

We are here for your fencing needs all year long. To see examples of our fencing work click here.


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