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Revitalising a Lindford Home with Exquisite Patio Paving

In May 2023, our skilled landscaping team undertook a project in Lindford, where we were tasked with transforming an ageing patio and path into stunning outdoor spaces.

The client desired a complete overhaul of both areas, including excavation, new paving installation, and precise attention to detail to ensure the new elements harmonised with their existing patio.

Over the course of five days, we brought their vision to life, surpassing their expectations and creating an outdoor oasis they could enjoy for years to come.


Patio Paving Project Overview

Location: Lindford, Hampshire

Project Duration: 5 days Materials

Materials Used: Blagdon Blue Engineering Bricks (edging), Raj Blend Sandstone Paving (slabs), Easy Joint Pointing Compound.


Patio Paving in Lindford - Challenges and Solutions

1. Matching Existing Patio.

Matching the existing patio was a crucial aspect of this patio paving project. The client had a distinct vision: they wanted the new patio and path to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of an adjacent patio they already had in place. Achieving this level of cohesion required meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design.

To begin the process of matching the existing patio, our team thoroughly examined its characteristics, including the type of paving material, colour variations, texture, and layout. We understood that any discrepancies could disrupt the overall harmony of the outdoor space. With this knowledge in hand, we embarked on selecting the ideal paving materials that would complement the existing patio flawlessly.

After careful consideration, we opted for Raj Blend Sandstone Paving. This particular stone matched the adjacent patio's colour palette and offered a similar natural variation and texture. Its warm tones and subtle veining created a cohesive visual flow, ensuring the new patio seamlessly merged with the existing one.

2. Excavation and Preparation.

Excavation and preparation played a crucial role in this landscaping project in Lindford. The existing elements were worn, deteriorated, and no longer met the client's expectations. To create a solid foundation for the new paving and ensure long-term durability, meticulous excavation and thorough preparation were essential.

The first step in the process involved clearing the area of the old patio and path. Our skilled team carefully removed the worn-out materials, taking care not to damage any surrounding structures or landscaping features. We followed proper protocols to dispose of the debris responsibly, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach throughout the project.

Once the area was cleared, we proceeded with the excavation - a process that allows for adequate drainage, prevents water pooling or uneven settling issues, and ensures a stable base for the new patio and path.

This step involved removing the top layer of soil and digging down to the appropriate depth to accommodate the new paving materials.

Our team meticulously measured and marked the desired depth, accounting for factors such as the thickness of the new paving materials and any required gradients for proper water runoff. We utilised the necessary tools and equipment to excavate the area accurately and efficiently.

We paid close attention to the existing ground conditions during the excavation process. We addressed any potential issues, such as soft spots, compacted soil, or subsurface obstructions that could impact the stability of the new patio. By addressing these challenges during the preparation phase, we mitigated potential problems that could arise in the future.

After the excavation, we proceeded with the preparation of the base. This involved levelling the area and compacting the soil to create a firm and stable surface. We utilised specialised compaction equipment to ensure the ground was compacted correctly, minimising the risk of future settlement or unevenness.

We installed a suitable base material to enhance further the stability and longevity of the new patio and path. The base material was carefully levelled and compacted to create a solid foundation for the upcoming paving installation.

3. Paving Installation.

To begin the paving installation, our skilled team carefully planned the layout and design of the patio and path. With the configuration in place, we commenced laying the new paving. We started by spreading a layer of bedding material over the prepared base. Each Raj Blend Sandstone Paving slab was carefully positioned according to the predetermined layout.

Our experienced team members paid close attention to alignment, ensuring that the pavers were placed precisely to create straight lines and symmetrical patterns. Careful consideration was given to the joint widths, allowing for the appropriate spacing and a cohesive overall appearance.

4. Edging and Finishing Touches.

The edging and finishing touches added the final touches, enhancing the overall aesthetics and professional look of the new patio and path. Our attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship ensured that the edging and finishing elements seamlessly blended with the surrounding landscape and exceeded the client's expectations.

For the edging of the patio, we utilised Blagdon blue engineering bricks, specifically chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal. These bricks provided a clean and defined border, creating a visual distinction between the patio and the surrounding garden. Careful consideration was given to the placement of the bricks, ensuring they followed the desired contour of the patio's edge.

5. Jointing and Pointing.

To achieve a polished and professional finish, we employed precision techniques for the pointing and jointing of the patio and path. We utilised the Easy Joint Pointing Compound, carefully applying it to the gaps between the paving slabs. The compound provided a strong bond, prevented weed growth, and minimised the risk of water infiltration, ensuring the longevity and durability of the patio and path.

Patio Paving in Lindford - Results and Client's Satisfaction

The completed landscaping project surpassed the client's expectations, delivering an outdoor space that seamlessly blended with their existing patio. With its warm hues and natural variations, the Raj Blend Sandstone Paving brought a touch of elegance and charm to the area. The meticulously laid blagdon blue engineering bricks enhanced the aesthetic, creating visually striking and defined edges.

Our team's attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship ensured a smooth, efficient, and successful project. The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the outcome, appreciating our commitment to their vision and the professionalism demonstrated throughout the process.


This case study exemplifies our expertise in transforming outdoor spaces into captivating landscapes. By addressing the client's desires, matching existing elements, and utilising top-quality materials, we revitalised an ageing patio and path, turning them into an outdoor haven that exceeded the client's expectations.

With our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we continue to create inspiring outdoor environments for homeowners in Lindford, Bordon and surrounding areas.


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