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Resin Bound Installation Guide

The necessary steps for a successful Resin Bound Installation.

A Resin Bound Paving is a surface solution that, in comparison to other paving options available, offers a vast range of benefits. From being cost-effective, durable, visually appealing, and permeable to low maintenance, a flat and consistent surface is gaining popularity among homeowners across the UK.

To read more about these, please read our dedicated article here. However, if we want to benefit from all the advantages of a Resin Bound Surface, we need to make sure it is installed correctly from start to finish.

This guide below highlights the critical steps of a Resin Bound Installation. Please note that the exact specification may differ depending on the manufacturers' advice.

What is Resin Bound?

The Resin Bound surfacing is an innovative surface solution that involves a hard-wearing course of Resin mixed with dried aggregates in a forced action mixer. The generated mixture is then trowelled onto a new or existing base to provide a smooth, flat finish. Being known as "stone carpets", Resin Bound systems create attractive, durable, and practical permeable paving solutions.

Resin Bound Installation Guide

STEP 1 - Before you start Resin Bound Installation

Whether you plan to install Resin Bound Paving over the top of the existing surface or a new sub-base, prep work is essential before Resin Bound surface can be applied. If you are lying a new Resin Bound over the existing foundation, it is vital to go through a checklist. You need to investigate the current base to determine if it is suitable, how stable it is, and if any cracks or damages are present?

Applications of Resin Bound must be made on a clean, dry, weed and algae-free surface. A preliminary cleaning may be required to remove any contamination based on your visual checks.

If you are putting a new sub-base in place, we recommend paying attention to the edgings as this will help to frame the area.

STEP 2 - Mixing the materials for Resin Bound Installation

STEP 3 - Laying the material

💡Handy tip

Wiping your trowel with white spirit stops makes creating excellent flat surfaces a lot easier. We recommend cleaning your trowel regularly throughout the trowelling process, approximately every six strokes. Once the Resin Bound Installation Procedure is finished, mark it clearly so that nobody accidentally walks on it before it is ready. The finished project will be ready for foot traffic after around 4 hours and vehicular traffic after 24 hours.


To conclude

We hope that you found this Resin Bound Installation Guide helpful. The method described above can be used to create Resin Bound Driveways, Patios, Paths and more.

If you need help laying your seamless Resin Bound surface, our experts at Resin Bound Paving serving Hampshire and Surrey can carry out the installation. Please contact your reputable and reliable landscaping professionals at Yew Tree Landscapes.


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