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Laying turf in the winter.

Hints and tips on winter turfing.

Turf is often the first choice for those seeking to spruce up their outdoor areas. Outdoor spaces can be transformed much quicker by installing turf than planting grass from seed. The process of laying turf does not require much maintenance and can establish a lush garden in a matter of weeks, while the process of grass from seed takes months to develop and requires a lot of care, such as fertilizing and watering. Everyone who wants to add more green space to a garden quickly opts for turf installation. But when is the best time to lay turf in the UK?

Is laying turf in winter a good idea? Many people believe that turf cannot be placed until the spring or summer, but this is a myth. In fact, it can be the ideal time for laying turf. There are many benefits of laying turf in winter. Turf will have the time to root and establish long before summer arrives so that by the time it comes, you'll have a luscious lawn. Although you may not be able to start enjoying your lawn until late spring or early summer, by then, it will be well worth it because your turf will have plenty of time to become established. Cold winter temperatures may slow down the growth of the new grass, but it will still be alive and healthy. Here are some valuable hints on laying turf in the winter to give it a possible chance to establish and create a beautiful garden oasis, ready for long summer nights outdoors. Weather forecast. When it comes to laying turf in winter, the most critical factor is to determine whether weather conditions will be appropriate. We cannot control the weather, but we have reliable weather forecast apps to help us make the best of our situation by planning for what could happen. If you are planning to lay turf, but the weather forecast does not match up with your plans for the day, i.e. the ground will be frosty or too wet, and the area won't get enough sunlight, that time should not be considered as an option, and it is best to reschedule your project. Choose the right turf type. The type of lawn that you choose to install on your property depends on several factors. For example, some turf varieties will thrive during the cold, wet season, while others will not do well. In addition, some lawn types are more expensive than others or require more maintenance for optimal growth. You need to consider these variables when determining the type of turf you want to install on your property. Prepare the ground. The secret to the success of any project we embark on in life is good preparation. If you don't take the time to do this step, chances are your project won't go as smoothly as you planned. Many people do not realize how necessary is proper ground preparation before laying turf. Often, this factor can decide whether or not your new turf will grow properly or die off. Poor drainage and compacted soil are two of the biggest hurdles you will face when installing turf. Your soil should ideally be turned over or cultivated to at least 100mm deep, ideally 150mm, to achieve the best results. Be mindful of winter lawn care. Owners of newly installed lawns need to ensure their turf has an adequate water supply, regardless of natural rainfall. All new lawns must be watered well to maintain the health of the grass. It is vital to clear any obstructions on the ground that might be blocking sunlight from reaching the freshly installed lawn. If the area where your newly laid turf sits tends to get covered by fallen leaves, gentle racking will be essential. It’s important not to let them start decomposing on the lawn, as this will compromise its strength.

Conclusion We all know how important it is to have a beautiful lawn in our gardens. Not only does it make the home look better, but it also provides us with an outdoor space that we can enjoy during warmer seasons. While many people might think that the cold and wet months of autumn and winter are not suitable for laying a new lawn, in reality, these can be the best times to do it. Turf can be applied all year round, including winter, providing the tips above are followed. Planning to lay turf over the winter months but don't want the hassle of doing it yourself? Get in touch with your local experts at Yew Tree Landscapes, and let us take care of the rest!

Hampshire and Surrey residents, please feel free to contact your local professionals in turf installations for all your lawn and landscaping needs today.


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