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Important things to know prior to investing in paving.

Paving can assure the pavement or driveway of great strength and visual appeal in an excellent manner. Landscaping projects that involve paving are often high on the wish list for many homeowners in Hampshire and Surrey. Every paved surface represents a significant investment, so it is good to be acquainted with all the relevant factors involved in a paving project.

This article will help you o learn more about important aspects of paving. Let’s find out what are the significant factors that should be taken into consideration when planning a new paving investment.


Aspects to take into account ahead of paving


Start with a budget. It is important to dedicate a budget and consider all of the costs at the beginning. There is a range of different materials that can be used for paving as well as companies specialising in paving. Depending on the size, the complexity of your project, and the materials used, the costs vary. There is a lot of landscaping contractors in Hampshire and Surrey. It is a good practice to get in touch with at least two landscaping companies to compare the labour charges, estimated lead times, and timelines for finishing the job.

Wear and Performance

Nowadays there is such a huge range of styles, colours, and finishes of paving that you may find it difficult to decide which one to choose. These can follow most of the layouts and designs to fit in with the size and style of the surface you want to cover. The type of paving you will decide on for your project, needs to depend on how much weight, traffic, wear and tear it will need to withstand. All to ensure the safety and longevity of your new surface. For example, if we are talking about a driveway, it needs to take the weight and pressure of at least one car on a daily basis. Worth taking into consideration is the UV factor. If your paving is exposed a lot to the sun, you will need to use a material that is less prone to premature wearing caused by the sun, such as stone or concrete. If your space is covered, your paving material will not need to be as hardy.

Your Property Style and Surroundings

Who wouldn’t want their house to be both stylish and practical at the same time? It is much more pleasant to admire the greenery if you have even the smallest, narrow alley to walk, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your growing flowers and grass. There is no more pleasant way of making your property look inviting for your guests than a charming pathway. It is also easier to drive up to the garage when the way is paved with a smooth surface like paving stones or astonishing reclaimed cobblets. You need to be aware that whether you’re just creating a small garden path or completely revamping your patio or driveway, the decision will make a difference to the look and feel of your home. Deciding which paving will be right for your project, bear in mind that you should opt for something that will compliment the existing colours, features and your our own sense of style. If you decide to go for more expensive options like reclaimed clobblets, it is always a good idea to request some samples. Most of the stone companies are happy to send them. Be sure to look at the stone when it’s dry as well as wet…it can look completely different.


The number one problem is that most people simply have not got time to carry regular maintenance themselves. Your new paved surface should not only look great but also needs to be versatile, practical, and relatively easy to maintain. Some paving materials last for many years before needing any maintenance, while others require a bit more attention. The good news is that cleaning is usually easy and even the most decrepit, neglected, or abused pavement can often be given a new life with regular maintenance. Do not worry if you have not got a problem to regularly maintain your paved surfaces, that is not a problem in fact. At Yew Tree Landscapes we are always more than happy to take on the task. Just leave it to the professionals. To read more about how we can make your property spotless with the premium jet washing services, click here.

In addition to all the factors above, paving needs the involvement of experience and knowledge, that we at Yew Tree Landscapes provide.

If you are looking for a professional paving contractor in Hampshire or Surrey, why not get in touch with us today?


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