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What to consider when embarking on a Garden Landscaping Project in Hampshire and Surrey

How revamping a garden landscape can transform your outdoor space.

Garden Landscaping can beautifully change the look and feel of any outdoor space. Planning a garden makeover is an exciting task, which increases the value of a property, increases the enjoyment feeling of your own home and is as vital as revamping the interior of the house.

Every part of your home, indoors and outdoors, is a reflection of you and your personality, your taste, your likes and dislikes. Garden redesign is not about adding a few trees and flowers here and there. It is all about maximising the space, improving the overall look and functionality of your outdoor space. No matter the size of your garden, it is crucial to make the most of it.

When should I start my new Garden Landscaping Project?

A Garden Redesign is an inspiring project that we should start planning during the colder months. By its nature, the task is quite disruptive and can effectively stop you from enjoying your outdoor space during the hottest time of the year. If conducted around colder months, it is much less likely that the process will create any disturbance to you and your family. In the winter most plants and shrubs are dormant, and the weeds grow less voraciously. It is much easier to dig out and move around the plants (if you want to keep some of them if not all). Some people are not sure about starting a garden landscaping project in the winter, because they are anxious that the work will be put on hold because of the weather. Do not worry. Professional landscaping companies, like Yew Tree Landscapes, have experience and know the tricks to ensure that your Garden Landscaping Project in Hampshire and Surrey will go ahead.

Garden Landscaping Components worth considering when redesigning an outdoor space.

Each Garden Landscaping Project requires a professional approach and passion if you want to benefit from it for years. When designing an ideal garden setting in the space you have, consider the following top aspects:

  • Fencing

It is the first key feature if you need privacy, more security and when you need a substantial improvement of the attractiveness of your landscape. A well-made and professionally installed fence will make your garden appear more luxurious overall, will provide a relaxing environment for you to rest and your children to have fun.

  • Turfing

It is common for homeowners nowadays to turn to artificial grass. It improves lifestyle, helps to reduce the consumption of water, creates a safe playing environment for the youngest ones, and most importantly saves your time, as there is no need for mowing. If you are just about to embark on a new garden landscaping Project, think how artificial turf can transform your outdoor space into a low-maintenance green oasis.

  • Paving

Instead of pressure washing your worn-out paving, consider a new and exciting surface to complement the surroundings. Well-laid garden slabs will work as a garden enhancing factor for many years to come and can be the key selling point when you choose to move on and sell your property.

  • Decking

Together with added beauty, decking offers years of enjoyment and a return on your investment. When combined with an outdoor fireplace, it creates a cosy space great for entertaining with the loved ones. Decking looks stylish and can be installed almost anywhere.

  • Lightening

Use spotlights or fixtures to illuminate your outdoor space. Think about an efficient way of utilising your outdoor space at night. Lights successfully draw attention to particular aspects of both the landscape and the home.

  • Terrace

If you are one of the homeowners with an unwanted slope in your garden, it is a good idea to turn it into a series of beautiful steps. Terracing is often accomplished with landscaping timbers or retaining walls.

  • Trees, shrubs and plants

Hampshire and Surrey's climate provides preferential conditions for many plant varieties. Thoughtful process of pairing plants, trees and shrubs, results in achieving combinations which create a winning design and visually pleasing scenes.

If you are looking for a change in your garden scenery in Hampshire or Surrey, get in touch with us. At Yew Tree Landscapes, we are passionate about Garden Landscaping, which brings joy into our client's life. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, we can transform it according to your taste and lifestyle. It is our mission to create gardens to love and enjoy across in Hampshire and Surrey.



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