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Can Weeds Grow Through a Resin Bound Surface?

Find out if Resin Bound surfaces can offer an effective solution to the issue of weed growth.

Resin Bound surface

Weeds are a common problem for anyone looking to maintain a neat, attractive outdoor space. They can be an eyesore, an inconvenience and even a health hazard if left unaddressed. As an alternative to traditional paving materials such as asphalt, paving slabs or concrete, Resin Bound surfaces are becoming increasingly popular.

They offer a range of benefits, including a seamless finish and low maintenance requirements. But what effect do they have on weeds? In this article, we will explore if weeds can penetrate through a Resin Bound surface and what can be done to prevent it.

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How are Resin Bound Surfaces made?

Let's take a closer look at what Resin Bound surfaces are and how they are constructed before delving further into whether weeds will grow through them. A Resin Bound surface is composed of dried stone aggregate and resin. The aggregate is mixed with resin and mechanically force-coated in a plane mixer to stick together.

Once it has been installed onto a base surface, it creates a smooth, level finish with no loose gravel, which is ideal when aiming for a sleek and neat style for a driveway, patio or footpath.

Perfect for both residential and commercial properties, this innovative surfacing solution provides a modern look that is hard-wearing yet easy to maintain.

Do weeds grow through Resin Bound surfaces?

Resin Bound Surfaces are 100% bound. That means that they are impervious to weeds. They do not allow weeds to come to the top through the sub-base. Sometimes, you might find a small patch of what looks suspiciously like weed growth within the Resin Bound driveway or patio, but please don't be concerned. More likely, this results from vegetation caused by the tiny wind-blown seedlings onto the surface. These then start to germinate, appearing as weeds.

Luckily, these weeds do not last due to the permeability of the Resin Bound surface. Due to the porous nature of the resin, water seeps through the surface instead of settling on top. The seedlings lack water, so the roots cannot establish and thrive. Some Resin Bound surfaces are pretreated before they are installed. This makes them even more weed-resistant.

What about moss growth on Resin Bound surfaces?

Resin Bound is a solid, durable, and low-maintenance surfacing material. The nature and installation techniques of surfaces made of it mean it is completely impenetrable by weeds. The crack risk with resin is virtually non-existent, so the conditions are nowhere near as good to attract moss vegetation.


Can Weed Grow Through a Resin Bound Surface? Summary.

Weeds are a common problem on many outdoor surfaces and can be difficult to eliminate. Whether in our driveway, patio or on the pavement outside our house, weeds can be an unwanted and unsightly nuisance. An increasingly growing popular solution to this is to lay a Resin Bound surface, as it is known for its durability, strength and weed resistance.

Knowing the characteristics of Resin Bound Surfaces, we can assure you there is no room for weeds to grow. There is one condition you need to be aware of: if you do not want to see weeds growing through a Resin Bound surface, it must be properly installed by Resin Bound Professionals.


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