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Block Paved Driveway Cost

How much does it cost to have a practical & modern looking Block Paved Driveway in Hampshire & Surrey?

block paved driveway cost

Hampshire and Surrey are two fantastic areas to live in, full of gorgeous villages, gorgeous towns, rolling hills and much more besides. But if you're thinking of moving there or already live there, you might be considering renovating your home. And one way to do that is by installing a block paved driveway – it looks great, and importantly it can be used on any property. Block paving is an excellent choice that has been around for decades and is a prevalent choice for driveways. It can last a lifetime if it is constructed and maintained correctly. If you are wondering what a Block Paved Driveway costs, in this guide below, you will find a price breakdown for installing a driveway in Hampshire or Surrey and an explanation of exactly where the money goes.

Block Paved Driveway Cost - Materials

The main factor determining any block paved driveway cost is the driveway size. The bigger the driveway, the more expensive are the material costs, the more prep work before laying the blocks into the desired pattern.

Paving blocks are the most visually appealing option for surfacing a driveway. There are numerous patterns and ending available, but how much is block paving?

Due to the variety of textures, sizes and shapes, the most popular are concrete block pavers (CBP). Concrete brick paving materials allow creating pretty much any look or style when laid in specific patterns. A standard concrete block paving cost starts at £ 24 per m2 and increases up to £72 per m2 on average. The most expensive choice amongst block paving materials is stone block paving. Here the prices begin at around £80 and can go up to £110 per m2 or even more.

Extra Materials

To lay block paving, we need additional materials like MOT type 1 sub base material, bedding sand and finishing sand, cement, drainage channels, weed-suppressing membrane, etc.

  • In total, materials usually amount to a considerable 50% of a Block Paved Driveway Cost.

Block Paved Driveway Cost - Labour

Good quality block paving is a product that will last a lifetime, and if properly installed, will be looking good for many years to come. For this reason, you want to make sure that professionals install your driveway.

Laying block paving is a time-consuming job and involves heavy lifting, specific skills and physical effort. Just like any other area of landscaping, block paving requires experience, expertise, the correct tools, and machinery. For this reason, you should hire a local landscaping company specialising in laying driveways like Yew Tree Landscapes. We will make sure that your driveway is installed correctly and that you're pleased with the overall appearance of your new driveway and enjoy it in the forthcoming years. Depending on the project's complexity, landscaping company experience and location, charges differ.

The cost of a block paved driveway built by Yew Tree Landscapes-your local professional landscaping company in Hampshire & Surrey fluctuates from £135 up to £250 per m2. The final price per square meter depends on the paving blocks used for a project.

  • Labour charges usually amount to 40% of a Block Paved Driveway Cost. Please note that this includes the cost of excavating the ground, laying a sub-base, paving and edging blocks.

Block Paved Driveway Cost - Waste Disposal

Before block paving works can commence, most projects require the removal of the old materials. For smaller jobs, waste removal is done by hiring a skip. In situations where driveway areas are more significant, waste removal is carried out by grab lorries. This option gives the benefit of quick and tidy removal whilst reducing the need for large skips. Grab or skip hire prices depend on the size required for a job and start at £200 on average (depending on location). Once the ground is excavated and the old materials carted off, it's time to start block paving a driveway.

  • Waste Disposal fees amount to 10% of a Block Paved Driveway Cost.

Considering all the above aspects of a block paved driveway cost, the average price of a small 27 m2 block paved driveway in Hampshire and Surrey will come to £5400. Depending on the project's complexity, it should take roughly four days to complete.

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the primary considerations when costing the price of constructing a new Block Paved Driveway in Hampshire and Surrey.


Are you ready to get a Block Paved Driveway Cost for your project?

Our team of professional paving contractors at Yew Tree Landscapes will handle the job carefully and ensure that the paving job is done to precise standards. We never rush our jobs or work at a slow pace. All this means that we install block paved driveways at affordable rates to the homeowners of Hampshire and Surrey. Once the project is completed, your planned design will be eye-catching and pleasing to look at. Contact us today to obtain your free, no-obligation quotation.


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