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Fencing and Decking

Here are a fencing and decking project that we undertook at a property in Hampshire. Originally the area of 50 square meters had existing crazy paving laid, which had to be taken out.

Having a waste carriers licence we were able to take all the waste away and prepare the surface properly. We began by making timber frameworks of 150mm x 50mm, these were then joined together to form the exact shape requested by our customer. In order to eliminate any movement, the framework was fixed to stub posts that were concreted into the ground and 10mm coach bolts were used to fix the framework to the stub posts. We stopped any weeds from growing through the decking boards by laying a weed-suppressing membrane over the framework. The decking boards were then screwed to the framework. Please note that we only use pressure treated timber and screw or bolt it together. This Decking Project then led on to other work carried out in the front garden, new fencing along the front of the house, repointing of an old existing brick wall and various other projects.

Project Gallery

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