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    Soft Landscaping/planting

Pink lilies in a flower bedSoft Landscaping includes all the living things in your garden.  Yew Tree Landscapes will  help you choose the best plants suitable for your particular site and requirements.  Plants have very basic needs - sun, soil and water but the specific requirements for each vary tremendously.  We take the guesswork out of gardening, grouping plants with similar needs together. This is not only more ecologically sound, but saves you time.  Plus our horticultural knowledge allows us to create a garden with year-round appeal that is tailored to your needs - Do you want a dog or child friendly garden? Do you want to attract birds to your garden? What kind of irrigation system will best suit your garden?

Take the guesswork out of gardening and contact

Yew Tree Landscapes for a professional analysis of your hard and soft landscaping requirements.

The Value of Landscaping

Spending money on your garden is not a frivolous expense. Apart from the pleasure of a beautiful garden, you are making a worthwhile investment and increasing the value of your asset:

  • Professional landscaping will add value to your property.  In a study conducted in the US, homes with good or excellent landscaping had a 14 to 17 percent higher selling price compared to those houses with poor or average landscaping.
  • Estate agents estimate that 95% of buyers will not even get out of their cars if the house isn't appealing from the outside and that has a lot to do with the garden surrounding it!
  • Landscaping shows a 100 to 200% return on your investment, as opposed to kitchen and bathroom renovation, which both come in at between 75 to 100%.  Contact Yew Tree Landscapes today and turn your garden into an investment that you can enjoy.

If you have a small garden let Yew Tree Landscapes do the design, and you can have fun doing the gardening.  Professional advice at a fraction of the price!

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